Our Values

We are customer centric

We work hard to build & keep trust with our customers. We believe it’s them that make us who we are. We work tirelessly to solve their problems and provide a memorable experience.

Commitment to a better environment

We are committed to creating a zero-waste company. We do all this by developing innovative technological solutions & industry partnerships that can help us reduce our environmental footprint.

We are innovative

Being innovative is what keeps us ahead of our competition, we believe innovation is part of us and the culture of everyone who works at Yo-Waste.

We value ideas over hierarchies.

We believe ideas are important in shaping our vision, creating a long-lasting company and impacting our environment.

We believe in doing normal things differently

To offer the best customer experience the industry has yet seen, we believe doing normal things differently is not only essential but rather a MUST.

Do the talk

We are continuously striving to fulfill what we promise to our customers. Helping them get rid of their trash in time, find customers and offer the best service the industry has yet seen.

We believe we’re on the face of the earth to change the way things are done in the waste management industry.

Period. The journey starts with us.

We are passionate about what we do.

Passion is what keeps us alive. We truly love who we're and what we are doing.