Yo-Waste response to the Global Coronavirus outbreak
byYo-waste Mar. 03, 2020, Press Release

Kampala, Thursday 19 March 2020 –  As our nation prepares to confront the novel coronavirus pandemic outbreak, we expect a negative impact on both our economy and business as usual in Uganda.

Infographic: The Zero-Waste Retail Revolution
byYo-waste Feb. 02, 2020, Blog

In 2019, more and more retail businesses have taken it upon themselves to do their bit for the environment by implementing zero-waste policies. In particular, the zero-waste movement has experienced a surge

Waste collection services in Kisaasi, Ntinda, Naguru & Bukoto
byYo-waste Jan. 01, 2020, Blog

Have you recently moved to Kisaasi, Ntinda, Naguru or Bukoto or perhaps lived in this part of Kampala and you are still finding it hard to get a waste collection service provider

How to get rid of rubbish in Kampala
byYo-waste Jan. 01, 2020, Tips & Guides

Most homes and businesses in urban areas of Kampala rely solely on waste collection service providers to get rid of their trash in time. However, getting a reliable and affordable waste collection