Simplifying waste pickups for households, businesses, and more.

Waste Management doesn’t have to be difficult to start with. Are you interested in signing up for a waste management service closer to your home or workplace? We have a solution for you. Our waste haulers will pick up your waste for disposal or recycling.

Impacting & Building Zero Waste Communities

On Demand Trash Pickups

If you have trash you need to get rid of, you open the Yo-Waste app on your phone. You tell the app where you are and when you want your trash picked up. Then, the app finds someone nearby who can come pick up your trash for you. These people are like freelance garbage collectors. They use their own trucks or vehicles to come get your trash. Once they’ve collected it, they take it to the right place to get rid of it safely.

Key Facts

Partner Waste Collectors
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Tonnes of Plastic Waste Recycled
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Tonnes of Household Waste Collected per day
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Households Served
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Our Partners

Proud to be associated with the following organisations in helping us achieve zero waste communities.

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