The Difference With Yo-Waste

Cost Saving

With Yo-waste app, You get consistent pricing from month to month


Yo-waste uses data about your waste stream to help you cut costs on collection fees and help you get started with recycling programs

Pay Cashless

Yo-waste customers can pay for garbage collection services using mobile money.


Anytime, anywhere from your pocket device, you can schedule or request for a collection service

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Exciting news – We are now covering the entire Kampala.
by Yo-waste Oct. 10, 2021, Press Release

From the beginning, we set out to help urban communities, homes & businesses to become clean and free of waste. We partnered up with reliable and affordable waste collectors across Kampala, so

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Tips to reduce plastic waste in your home
by Yo-waste Jul. 07, 2020, Tips & Guides

The topic of climate change and environmental conservation is one of the most heated and important ones being had on every continent all over the world today. And no matter what side

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How The Yo-Waste Mobile App is Transforming The Waste Management Industry In Kampala
by Yo-waste Jul. 07, 2020, Blog

Many of you maybe wondering how the yo-waste mobile app is transforming the waste management industry and improving the efficiency of waste collection services in Kampala, all this while promoting environmental sustainability and trying

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Which Waste Goes in Which Bin
by Yo-waste Jul. 07, 2020, Tips & Guides

During my time at Yo-Waste as the operations and sustainability lead, I’ve had the chance to interact with our clients and other people in-depth to among other things try to understand what can drive

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Waste Management companies in kampala
by Yo-waste May. 05, 2020, Blog

If you’re looking for a reliable waste management company in kampala to help you handle your trash, here’s our list of some of the best available waste management companies in Kampala/Uganda. We

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