The Difference With Yo-Waste

Cost Saving

With Yo-waste app, You get consistent pricing from month to month


Yo-waste uses data about your waste stream to help you cut costs on collection fees and help you get started with recycling programs

Pay Cashless

Yo-waste customers can pay for garbage collection services using mobile money.


Anytime, anywhere from your pocket device, you can schedule or request for a collection service

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How we are creating a smart cleaner city at Yo-Waste
by Yo-waste Aug. 08, 2019, Blog

Statistics have shown that in Kampala alone, the per capita generation of garbage is 1kg of waste per day. With a total population of about 1.5 million people every day in Kampala,

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How to carry out a trash audit for your home or small business in Uganda
by Yo-waste Jun. 06, 2019, Resource

If you’re working on a zero-waste goal, you probably must have heard of a term waste audit or trash audit. In order to reduce the waste you generate, you need to know

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Getting started with Yo-Waste Connect App
by Yo-waste Jun. 06, 2019, Blog

Waste collection is one essential expenditure for businesses. We understand that you want to keep your workplace clean and free from waste. Yo-waste allows businesses to manage all their waste expenses &

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Yo-waste shortlisted among 100 best startups to pitch for government funding.
by Yo-waste Apr. 04, 2019, Blog

We’re very privileged to have been shortlisted among the 100 startups to pitch for government funding under the National ICT Support Program. Yo-Waste is a location based on demand garbage collection service

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Yo-waste emerge winners in MTN App Challenge 2018/2019
by Yo-waste Mar. 03, 2019, Blog

It was indeed a great honor and exciting experience for our team to participate in the MTN App challenge. Yo-waste was selected as 2nd runner app winner for the transport category because

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